Thursday, 31 July 2014

Sorry again!

Hey guys! Sorry I didn't do those Photoshop's yesterday! I didn't mean not to but I was playing Minecraft a bit after school and got carried away... Crap, I didn't Look how you get the screenshots AGAIN!! *RAGES* ( RAOULAR ) Actually..I might ( NO!Don't think of it Connor, You haven't been doing the Photoshop's and need to you IDIOT )So I haven't actually done any building for you guys, I'm sorry, It's just... I'm a terrible builder, And as I said in my Second last post my beautiful house that was CLAIMED got destroyed somehow, That's why I don't build good stuff on servers,Or I could build them in single player...I'll start building Little things like, lets say...A cottage?Maybe that should be my first challenge!

So here are my Photoshops

So this ones just to admire the water and rock formations,I love the rock stacks,Wonder
 how they form!

This one just a stupid Star Wars Reference(Don't even ask,And I know its wrong you absolute NERD)

This one is my FIRST Photoshop ever
I thought it was good
But its pretty dorky

Make sure to tell me what to Photoshop next and what to build in Minecraft!
Also if you guys are wondering what Site I'm using its called:Picmonkey:Heres Its link:

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Walkin' Dead

Hey guys!I'm back again!So I played on that walking dead server and I thought it was pretty cool..There's guns and stuff,Well it's a plugin,I'm not going to explain..So for the guns Its just all the Minecraft tools and stuff,heres a list of the guns,Also You need to be a rank to use better guns,I'll explain that later..

Wooden Hoe:Sniper.
Wooden Shovel:Shotgun.
Wooden Pickaxe:Machine gun.
Wooden Axe:Pistol.
So you start of with a Wooden Axe(Pistol)And some ammo and food,There are kits such as.

  Tank:Effects:Resistance III and Slowness(I don't know how useful it is)
Rougue:Effects:Speed and Jump Boost(I think)
Assassin:Effects:Night Vision(Pretty lame) 
            (These effects are unlimited too,Unless you change your Class)

So as I said up top there are Ranks(AKA levels)
So at level one you get to use Wood tools which are weaker than others,And when you level up you progress in gun ranks here are the ranks.I'm about level Three or Four I think,I don't know.Cant wait till i can check everything out.

1-10:Wooden tools
10-25:Stone tools
                          25-40:Iron tools(I think this is near it,I think 30 is the level for diamond tools)
40+:Diamond tools(YAY!)

So if you are a impatient person I recommend you don't play on this server.
You can be a lone hunter,Or team up with other people and be OP as Horse poop.(I've seen lots of people but haven't teamed with them,only helped them out,People might give you some ammo or something for your help)But Teaming with other people is hard because you cant really type and kill at the same time,So you may have to use Skype(I've never done it so I don't know how well it rolls,I don't really know how to ask mum and dad anyway so...Yeah)

If you are a Minecraft player you may be thinking,''Does this server have PVP Connor?''Well yes it does,But there are people who will just go there and kill you if your scavenging or killing zombies(I think you get really good loot in there from zombies too),It happened to me Yesterday and that's when I joined another server(I eat poo at PVP,Some times I dominate,But that's Rare and I absolutely OWN people,When I'm doing my Rage)So this Review/Thing might make you want to join!Hurry up and join!Also like other Minecraft posts do /Msg stomp (BLABLABLA)
Look Back to the last post for the Ip

Please join guys!I need someone to play with,And the people I try to get on are useless,You guys are the only ones I can Rely On
(I Read Everything Other People Don't)

I Hope You Guys Enjoyed This Review/Ramble Thing!
I'll see ya' all this after noon on there if I can get on maybe!
#Stomp out
*Stomps away*
(Its a great pun right?Yeah I know)
(Just humor me okay?Okay) 

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Sorry people

Hey guys! Umn...Sorry I didn't do my Photoshop Yesterday, But.... I will be doing two today... Later this after noon, In like Three or Four hours, I'm still in school.. I do this for writing Classes.So..Yeah come back then.So I haven't found out how to get the scree shots out of my Pc from Minecraft yet,Any way i built the most beautiful house I've ever made..EVER,So I made it on a faction server,If anyone who reads this knows about Minecraft servers..IT GOT RAIDED,Every single Faction I join it gets raided,AND if its a success I get kicked..But I kinda don't wanna make One on my own...I put SO much work into that house and that's what I get,Treated like dirt and get RAIDED..But I move on and on and on,But I joined a new Faction server though,because the one I was on was laggy.Also,I'm going to go on a new server when I have a chance,Its one of those survival ones with the zombies and stuff,Special zombies,Kinda like the Walking Dead Series server.

Here's the Ip..I haven't tried it out yet though so I don't know if it will lag, Thar ye go,I'm so excited to join it..It's a server that SSundee plays,For his new Walking Dead Series.But I probably won't get to meet him though,Because Youtubers get vanish option so people don't follow them,And probably bring some zombie friends..Also IF You join,You may get to meet me IG (In game,just for noobs*No offence*)Or go to the other server MCAU,Go back some posts and you'll see It's Ip..So I think that this Afternoon when I finish School(I hate that word so much)I'll look up how to get the screen shots out of the folder wherever they go,Mum and dad say I'm a pretty good photographer And I think I've taken some Pretty,Funny and Absolute dumb photos,So be aware...So come along to anyone of those servers because I need some new friends and you could be one of them!(Even one person!)And if you have the Steve skin,I will not play with you,It shows Your:A:Too lazy too even get a skin and:B:Not swaggery enough...*No offence*And if you are Swaggery enough...Welcome to my friends list/Lover garden(If you join on MCAU,Its a place where I put my friends names)

And If you join MCAU do /Msg Stomp Hi,I've read your blog and want to be your friend,Or something along the lines like that(Why do I fantasies people joining a server I play?I don't know,I might be going mental and wanting fans,But I'm not that good enough I guess)

So I think this is all the time I have for today peoples!See ya this afternoon!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Photoshop specials

Heres my Third one guys hope you all like it,Its supposed to be stupid  too so...Yeah

Friday, 25 July 2014

PhotoShop Special

Hey guys here's my Photoshop today, hope you all like it.For some reason That face I put in fit with trees, and as always I chose it randomly so...Yeah...I also want you guys to tell me what you want me to do a Photoshop on! It would help a lot..

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Burden of a bird

Ok guys remember I said I'd be doing Photoshop's? Well I think I'm going to do it daily maybe... One picture a day and if I've done a proper post then I probably wont have time to do it, Heres my first one!

And if I do it they will be randomly chosen from my computer... Yay!
Bye, Hope you enjoyed the picture

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

My top five games(KINDA)

Hey guys!So i was thinking about something to post about,and I came up with...

My Top Five Games

Ok I play many violent games,but there will be ones that aren't that bad..NO EDUCATIONAL games(If that's what they even are,They seem like the devil himself to me...LOLOLOL)

These are very old games too so.....yeah Kinda
I'm just gonna name them and what position except for this one.


2:Minecraft PE:Tablet

3:Half-Life:PlayStation 3
Half-Life is a mixed game of skill and a few puzzles,Guns too.The reason I like this game is because it has a pretty good story and stuff,But you kind of need to play from the start of the series,because your Gordon Freeman and there's aliens you somehow summoned but you wouldn't know how unless you played the first one,I stared from number two.(Sorry I'm just too nerdy with this game..)I've also MASTERED the game like a boss,So when I'm able to play I just Cheat and try to fly around using No-clip and try find secrets.

4:Ratchet and clank,A crack in Time:Playstation 3

5:Uncharted 2,Among Thieves:Playstation 3

6(Maybe I lied a little bit):Heroes Of Order And Chaos:Tablet

I Hope You Enjoyed...Come Back Soon!(Or I'll Pluck You'r Eyes Out) #Gotswag

Thursday, 17 July 2014


Hey Guys Today's been awesome 

Finally with enough posting I found someone that actually came over and checked out my blog, and actually COMMENTED and said ''I'm going to feature your blog in Sunday Showcase'' I am SO happy (ROOAURAA RAGING DINOSAUR!*Cough Cough*,Sorry I was so excited just then I just had to get my energy out(I have a problem with roaring all the time,please excuse me)
I've never EVER EVER been in a blog show case before..I'm going to leave a link to Noors blog (The persons exact words up there!) At the bottom of this post...So as I've said in many previous posts I'm going to be posting things up that I've built on Minecraft!Now because I keep going on like this you guys probably think I'm doing this so you come back everyday,but that's not whats holding me up!You see I've been playing Minecraft with my many friends online but I don't actually get time to build something and get some screen shots of it.I have made an amazing house(In my opinion)On a server I play on so I may just show that one to you guys,I don't really take screen shots very much though,I'll have to ask dad where to actually GET the pictures and stuff,It would really help.So enough about Minecraft,I've said before that I want you guys what to decide what I write about because I don't know if I'm just rambling to myself or you guys are actually interested. Ok I think that's all I have to blow off my shoulders right now..BYE! And NO I didn't forget about Noor.

A VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY Special thanks to Noor. :).You don't know how much you've definitely helped me out,Like later time thing...Well whatever thanks for putting me in the list of a blog showcase!:) :) :) :) :0 :) :0

This is her Blog link ------->

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

New thing AGAIN

Hey guys...I'm going to announce something(Why are you even saying this if no one reads it you idiot) I might be giving up on this blog...If anyone does actually read this blogs please please please please please (x1000000000000000 more times) comment if you do!And if you do actually comment I will do even more things like I'll put things I've built on Minecraft up..or um.....Srew that.Well I'll do more stuff lets just say.MNKAY?MNKAY.

And IF you do read(AGAIN for the like 10th time)Tell me if the things I'm writing about are boring or if you'd like me to post more,BUT I can't always post because I have a life outside of blogging and gaming and boring school and stuff...So yeah be sure to tell me what you want and I'll try and write about that and if you want me to do a shout out or something for a loved one or someone else that reads this blog I can do that :).
As I said before I might post stuff I've made on Minecraft...If you post a building challenge on Minecraft I'll happily try and beat you :)But warning the things I build are not very good,I'm kind of nooby....BUT not that nooby that I make a house out of dirt in a big square shape...I'm basically a Novice,Moderately skilled if I must say.I might even make a server for people that read this blog!(IF ANYONE DOES,That ALWAYS Interrupts me But I'll have to ask mum,But I'm probably not ready for running a server.Or if you already have a Minecraft server leave the Ip in the comments below!(Not THAT ANYONE! READS THIS BLOG ANYMORE)

So that's all I have time for today peeps REMEMBER what I said?Share this blog and tell your friends please,I really need it and would appreciate it and if you don't then....I guess I'll choke a turkey or punch a hole through my monitor...(Yes I would)Ok bye guys!Share leave a comment and I'll see you next time!


Friday, 4 July 2014

Minecraft Update:FNG

Hey guys today its FRIDAY(HARMONIC MUSIC IN BACKGROUND)....and as you see on the title thingy I'm going  to be talking about Minecraft....(Da best game ever...ish)So on Friday's the server I play on(HERES THE LINK AGAIN)---------><----------..SO back to what I was saying mcau(The server)Host's big game nights on FRIDAY,which is today....So  most times I go on the server but I never actually go in the games...But tonight I'm determined to go in and OWN people..I think it starts at:8:00 pm Australian Eastern Time,Or about that time.There are lots of different games and all that stuff....You might actually want to consider staying on it,because its NEVER EVER empty,or you could just chat with staff.And if anyone even still(or started)reading this blog,you might see me on there...My name is (its embarrassing..ish)STOMPYLONGBEAK(there we go)so yeah you might see me on,if you do and see I'm online,just type in /msg stomp (blablablablablabla)I read your blog...OR /tpa stomp,and you might be able to play with a master...ish,ME.And if I'm not on you can do /mail send stomp(blablablablablabla).So, yeah if you connect up you might see me on and get to hang with me and some of my friends!

Server Ip(just in case you didn't see it on the site)<----------- The servers almost always Lag-Free

And if you want to know more details go back to this post I'm just going to copy and paste it :) :D MAHA!(Don't even ask)

Hey guys lately I haven't been active on here,I apologize sincerely.
So I am going to try and write on here at least once a week possibly on Thursdays or Fridays,maybe some book reviews here and there and just things that have been going on in the house.

So this is whats been going on in the house.I've started playing a new game!.I know its not new or anything but I've only started playing it recently it is.....MINECRAFT.Yes I do play on servers,many actually,but here's a link to one of my main ones I play on,Click on the link right here ->
My username is(Stompylongbeak),but I'm usually on MCAU,but might not be sometimes.If you actually do join the server then put you'r name in the comments section below,and if I see you I'll message you or something.And if you really like the server you can donate some money to the server and get awesome stuff!!(Read this if your a Minecraft NERD,You can get things like DIAMOND tools,Exp to enchant your stuff and best of all!!...TELEPORTATION!!!)

I really enjoy this server because the people and admins are very nice,BUT there are some people that will grief your house if its not protected and troll you,This server also has chest protection,so if you do get griefed all you have to do is re-build your house,but i would  grief them back but I'm pretty sure that's not allowed
Ok folks that's all the time I have today, enjoy!!
Remember leave a like and a comment below,Please share this too,much appreciated :> :)

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

New thingy

Hey guys,this is going to be very short(very very very very very short)okay?OK

So sometimes I might be putting random photos up these will be things I've  Photoshoped and stuff.It could be places we go,pictures of birds here in Australia,y'know the casual things  that go on in the house.I will post the site that I use to Photoshop....well edit the photos most times.Sometime they will just be photography I've done,mum and dad say I'm epic at it.
here it is anyway -------> <-------- right there...well anyway I have to go people