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You can request a review by filling out the form on this page.

I review picture and middle grade books. I do review some YA books, but I have to let my mum look at the content of them first before accepting it unless it was sent to her first. It takes about 7-8 weeks from the time I get a book to review to when the review is posted. This time may be quicker, but I can't guarantee it. I do have a life outside of my reviews.

When sending me a book review request, please let me know a little about yourself and a description of your book. Authors can also send me “real” books, and I will send my address when I respond to the review request. Although I like “real” books more, I do have a tablet to review eBooks. I can use any format because my mum can change the formatting for me. She's a writer so has all those cool programs.

I usually let authors decide which type they want to send me.  Since I live in Australia I understand that shipping is very dear so most new Authors prefer eBook format to save on expenses. So I completely understand if you'd prefer to send me an eBook. As I said before I can use any format, my ereader uses ePub but my computer has Kindle Apps as does my tablet. And if you send me a PDF my mum can change it to be an epub or mobi file.

I do reply to every email I get so if you don’t get a response, I probably didn't get your email. Sometimes it takes me a little while to respond, due to mum having to check my emails before I do. Generally if you haven't heard from me in a week or so please don't be shy about sending a second email because my spam filter may have caught it.

Mum will answer emails if they are YA content because she likes to have an idea of the content of those genre books and sometimes even joins me in reading them to review on her blogs.

I post reviews on my blog, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords (if it’s an indie) and Goodreads. I rate books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and GoodReads using their star system, and I use my own rating system on my blog which is basically the same as theirs I just don't use stars. :) I'm using aliens which I'm working on designing now with my mum.

I appreciate every book review request I get, and I really wish I could read every one, but I am only one kid!


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