Friday, 27 June 2014

What To Write About..

Hey guys,Its me.I Have A Problem.......I Don't Know What To Write About,Beacause....I Dont Know What You Guys Like(If Anyone Even Reads This Blog Again.......)So If You Boys And Girls Would Leave Comments Of What You Would Like Me To Write About,That Would Be Great..But NO Personal Questions Like Um...Where I Live,Or Stuff Like That.

So Here's Whats Been Going On...I Don't Think Iv'e Told You Guys About Our Latest Pets,Here We Go.

This Is My Rat,DOUGIE (AKA FATTY)    
Hes Like One Of The Best Pets Ever...When We Got Him He Was Shy,But After A Night Or Two He Came Over To Me To See What Was Up,And He Just Jumped On Me Strait Away,BUT....One Bad thing Is He PEE's On You,I Don't Know Why,Maybe He Just Gets Excited?He Also Likes Peanuts And Scratches.

This is Small Fry,Dads Rat (AKA SHORTIE PORTIE)

OK so this is dads rat,he is actually smart..He stashes food like a rat trying to survive......But fatty eats it strait away,I guess hes always hungry,just like his owner.These rats always snuggle and get along just fine.

OK so this is pusspuss(AKA tiger Pronunciation  Ti-Ger)

Tiger loves things that make noise and colors,like a normal cat...But he's.....Unique...because he poos in the bath,way easier to clean up...others may think he Isn't but he is to me.....
Tiger Is a lovey cat sometimes but....he likes to have a  bit of fun and attack your legs if you walk past.....

Tiger is the one of the best cat ever,well that's all I have to say....

Monday, 23 June 2014

The show :D :> :) O_O

Hey guys(If anyone reads this blog...AGAIN),A few nights ago we went to the Show/Fair.It was really a lot of fun.
I actually got to pat a real horse for the first time ever,we also saw some bulls,we didn't pat them though.Next we went to go get show bags,Mum got a 'How to train your dragon'Show bag,She also got a 'Pokemon' show bag too She only got the bags for the hats,so I guess she will just give the lollies to dad if there are any in the mix.
Now there's something VERY disappointing about my show bag,you know the 'Grow you'r own Dinosaur!!'Eggs?Well guess what?It was BROKEN,but I guess I shouldn't be surprised,because the company that delivered the packages probably handled it roughly,But It was so appalling that I said we should go back and request another bag,but Mum and Dad said it would be too much of a hassle.

We only went on one ride,The dodgem cars(AKA Bumper cars)Mum and dad actually came on them with me,we had separate cars too.Dad said I would get owned by him but I held my ground.Once I got knocked the wrong way and I went into reverse and EPICALLY spun around into the right direction,It was so cool.
And then a bit of walking and buying fairy floss AKA(Cotton candy,for you Americans)And toffy apples.

Later went to see the fireworks,They were EPIC!!!
It had all different Colors,Shapes and Sizes.
Fortunately,Mum got a video of the fireworks and stuff on her phone,but I didn't get any of the fireworks because I started just at the last second.
 OK bye guys!!!!!!
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Friday, 13 June 2014

Notice:Book Review Coming Up

Hey everyone that reads this blog(If anyone does....)In the next few days I'm going to be doing a review on..
Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder: The End of the World.  Maybe.

Thursday, 12 June 2014


Hey guys lately I haven't been active on here,I apologize sincerely.
So I am going to try and write on here at least once a week possibly on Thursdays or Fridays,maybe some book reviews here and there and just things that have been going on in the house.

So this is whats been going on in the house.I've started playing a new game!.I know its not new or anything but I've only started playing it recently it is.....MINECRAFT.Yes I do play on servers,many actually,but here's a link to one of my main ones I play on,Click on the link right here ->
My username is(Stompylongbeak),but I'm usually on MCAU,but might not be sometimes.If you actually do join the server then put you'r name in the comments section below,and if I see you I'll message you or something.And if you really like the server you can donate some money to the server and get awesome stuff!!(Read this if your a Minecraft NERD,You can get things like DIAMOND tools,Exp to enchant your stuff and best of all!!...TELEPORTATION!!!)

I really enjoy this server because the people and admins are very nice,BUT there are some people that will grief your house if its not protected and troll you,This server also has chest protection,so if you do get griefed all you have to do is re-build your house.
Ok folks that's all the time I have today, enjoy!!
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