Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Sliding beneath the Surface

 The St. Augustine Trilogy Book I

A new resident of America's oldest and most haunted city, St. Augustine, Florida, fifteen-year-old Jeff Golden suddenly finds himself up to his eyeballs in frightening paranormal experiences. At the end of his rope
in trying to figure out what is happening to him, Jeff decides to rely on his
friend Carla Rodriguez, and Lobo, an old Native American shaman, for help.

Despite this guidance, things get even worse. Jeff's spine tingling encounters increase in number and intensity at an alarming rate, scaring him even more. Eventually, he makes the startling discovery that unresolved circumstances involving a bloody event directly out of Florida's
distant past threatens his sanity and possibly his life.

Finally, overwhelmed by forces he cannot understand or control, Jeff's world shifts from frightening to downright terrifying. In desperation, and on Lobo's advice, he leaps headlong into the unknown in order to save himself. What Jeff discovers though is that he has entered a level of reality he is completely unprepared to handle while unwittingly dragging Carla with him.

Like all the books in THE ST. AUGUSTINE TRILOGY, the premise for Sliding Beneath the Surface is simply this: You create your own reality.

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I really liked this book. I learned a bunch of stuff about history in it. I thought it was pretty cool how the Main Character kept getting sort of sucked back in time in his dreams.  I really like ghost stories and this one was pretty creepy.

The characters Jeff, Carla and Lobo are all really cool.  Lobo has all these cool powers.  I think he would be cool to get to know.  

I think anyone who likes adventures will like this book. I can't wait to read the next book!  

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