Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Little book review

 The fire within
When I started reading this book I was like this is your usual book, but after that stage I was so submergered in this book I didn't want to leave it alone  it was almost like sinking in quick sand just not the real feeling of sand over my body. I've never really been into dragons but this book just changes my perspective of dragons, This book also told me more about their personalities too like they aren’t all mean or they love the snow and will sit on a window sill for hours watching  until it stops snowing.

Ok so this book is about a kid in collage and he’s a tenant (which is a person who rents to stay with people)So as a welcoming gift Liz the mum of the penny kettle family gives David a Welcoming gift.A dragon but this dragon is no ordinary dragon,it’s a real one,yes a fire breathing dragon,but this isn't what one your thinking about it’s a writing dragon, like a helper not a ferocious dragon. Through this dragon David has a connection to Liz and Lucy (Lucy is Liz’s daughter) Something is fishy with these two though,whenever Lucy goes to say the y’know what mum? Liz just cuts her off though, so David does a bit of searching for himself and finds something called the dragons den.what will David find out? Is he living in a house full of phycos?Has David dug too deep?Is there a secret about the Pennykettles in the so called “dragons den”?

Find out in my next review,byyeee!!!

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