Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Whatever Wendnesday

Today I'm going to talk about my bird's.
First I will show you my peach face love bird, she is 2 year's old, this is her outside enjoying the sunlight in her cage with cooper.

This is my corela Cooper,
he loves to dance to step right up, the song I posted up on Monday ,also he is annoying when I do my home schooling, he jump's on my desk.I also have a cockatiel, but I don't have a picture of her. My other died when she jumped into our pool.


  1. Connor, I live in Florida with my 3 kids and we love birds. We live near a lake that has hundreds of birds including black swans which we heard were from Australia. Have you ever seen them there? Also, my son who is also 9, is interested in Kiwis and tawny frogmouth birds. Have you ever seen either of those?

    Amy (Mama Scout)

  2. yes I have seen a Kiwi but i'm not sure about a frog mouth bird Amy