Friday, 8 March 2013

Wow a lot of rain.

Wow we've been having a lot of rain lately! I don't think I'll ever see the sun again! At least its good for my reading! I get lots of it done! I made a really awesome and totally cool clock!

Out of guess what????

A POTato

All I needed was two copper and zinc plates and two potatoes or one cut in half, then three wires.  After I got these I put one end of the wire into the end of the copper and zinc bars in the holes then twist it so it stays in, then do the same with the other wire attached to the  clock then put one of copper and zinc rods in each potato , make sure the rods don't touch each other then the clock will light up.

You can get all these things at Kmart.

Here is the finished Project!
Thanks for reading this.!!!


  1. Well that was interesting to read because ive heard of these clocks but never ever made one before, i don't know if i will because i think pototo's are sacred in my family... Tell you what, can you send me you old totato's in the mail so i can use them.
    Thank you for all the hard work of making it so we could see it connor and good luck with the rain stopping for you : ) ....

    1. sorry Paul but I chucked them out cause they went rotten

  2. Do you have any animals connor... would i be able to see them if you have?

    1. yes, I do Paul I have three birds,one corela,peach face lovebird,and cockatiel