Monday, 23 June 2014

The show :D :> :) O_O

Hey guys(If anyone reads this blog...AGAIN),A few nights ago we went to the Show/Fair.It was really a lot of fun.
I actually got to pat a real horse for the first time ever,we also saw some bulls,we didn't pat them though.Next we went to go get show bags,Mum got a 'How to train your dragon'Show bag,She also got a 'Pokemon' show bag too She only got the bags for the hats,so I guess she will just give the lollies to dad if there are any in the mix.
Now there's something VERY disappointing about my show bag,you know the 'Grow you'r own Dinosaur!!'Eggs?Well guess what?It was BROKEN,but I guess I shouldn't be surprised,because the company that delivered the packages probably handled it roughly,But It was so appalling that I said we should go back and request another bag,but Mum and Dad said it would be too much of a hassle.

We only went on one ride,The dodgem cars(AKA Bumper cars)Mum and dad actually came on them with me,we had separate cars too.Dad said I would get owned by him but I held my ground.Once I got knocked the wrong way and I went into reverse and EPICALLY spun around into the right direction,It was so cool.
And then a bit of walking and buying fairy floss AKA(Cotton candy,for you Americans)And toffy apples.

Later went to see the fireworks,They were EPIC!!!
It had all different Colors,Shapes and Sizes.
Fortunately,Mum got a video of the fireworks and stuff on her phone,but I didn't get any of the fireworks because I started just at the last second.
 OK bye guys!!!!!!
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