Friday, 27 June 2014

What To Write About..

Hey guys,Its me.I Have A Problem.......I Don't Know What To Write About,Beacause....I Dont Know What You Guys Like(If Anyone Even Reads This Blog Again.......)So If You Boys And Girls Would Leave Comments Of What You Would Like Me To Write About,That Would Be Great..But NO Personal Questions Like Um...Where I Live,Or Stuff Like That.

So Here's Whats Been Going On...I Don't Think Iv'e Told You Guys About Our Latest Pets,Here We Go.

This Is My Rat,DOUGIE (AKA FATTY)    
Hes Like One Of The Best Pets Ever...When We Got Him He Was Shy,But After A Night Or Two He Came Over To Me To See What Was Up,And He Just Jumped On Me Strait Away,BUT....One Bad thing Is He PEE's On You,I Don't Know Why,Maybe He Just Gets Excited?He Also Likes Peanuts And Scratches.

This is Small Fry,Dads Rat (AKA SHORTIE PORTIE)

OK so this is dads rat,he is actually smart..He stashes food like a rat trying to survive......But fatty eats it strait away,I guess hes always hungry,just like his owner.These rats always snuggle and get along just fine.

OK so this is pusspuss(AKA tiger Pronunciation  Ti-Ger)

Tiger loves things that make noise and colors,like a normal cat...But he's.....Unique...because he poos in the bath,way easier to clean up...others may think he Isn't but he is to me.....
Tiger Is a lovey cat sometimes but....he likes to have a  bit of fun and attack your legs if you walk past.....

Tiger is the one of the best cat ever,well that's all I have to say....

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