Monday, 25 August 2014


So, Hey guys!
Guess what? I found out how to get the screen shots, After a bit of messing around with that capture it plus app.

I actually took a few screen shots but they weren't really rare things, Unless this is! I obviously spawned the spiders but, I'm not sure how the wither skeleton got on it, I didn't even see it.I guess maybe it spawned on it, Or because It registers as a skeleton in the coding it was allowed to hop on it, I don't know!
I wonder if I  could spawn it with a bow, In a command block.

I was also Experimenting to see if I could spawn a Rare, Red Spider, My friend said you could.
But one weird thing I kept on seeing was, That the spiders had potion effects on them, The ones that I saw/Looked like, Were, Strength, Invisibility, And I think I saw fire resistance. It was pretty weird, But I'll have to look up why It happens! Then I can tell you guys, Or you guys can tell me!
I was also surprised that the spiders didn't die, But that's ''MineCraft Logic''

I was also thinking of some ideas Last night, Like being able to make spawn eggs in survival.
Like, First you would get an Egg, From a chicken, Then get the Stuff the mob Drops, Then get them, Go to a crafting table and put your egg in the middle slot and surround it with the Drops.Let me give you an example, You would get Eight Rotten flesh, With an egg in the middle would make 1 Zombie egg!
But there are a few problems I've thought of, Number one, It wont get added in the new update, even if Notch would read this blog,Which he wouldn't, And number two,If you get An egg and surround it with leather You could either get a horse egg or a cow egg, I suppose it could be random eggs?Or they could add two slots for the outcome! And number Three, People have probably made Mods for it, Or others have already thought of the Idea.

So guys I think that's all I have to write about today. Also soon we're going to go on holiday so I wont be able to Update my blog and I might come back with some photos for you guys, All I'm giving away is We're going to do some Spelunking.BYE! :]

#Stomp Out

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