Wednesday, 27 August 2014

'' Private Stomp reporting here!''

So guys! I'm going to do MineCraft photography, so like, sometimes when you spawn into worlds you see really nice things, such as this cool mountain! 

This is one of my best finds in my MineCraft history. It's actually got a jackpot. Because, number one, there's a Village, with a Black smith, who has Iron Booties and an Iron Helm, if you look very carefully you'll see it. Number two, there's that nice big mountain for you miners, and finally there's a dungeon, but I didn't take a picture of it. I'll have to take a close up on the Dungeon and Village. And all of that nature is organic,if that's how its said, even the mountain is real. Next time when I get a seed like these I'll give you the seed and some photos.

Also guys, I've figured out how to use Command Blocks, well, kinda sorta, hers what I do.
  • First I do /Give Stompylongbeak 137 64.This step is the command to actually get a Command Block which you cant get from creative inventory.
  • Second I kind of cheat and go to the internet and get spawn codes and stuff.
  • Third I copy the thing I want to spawn into the command block and do @p.Which directs the mobs aggro/Attention to you, or for it to direct to all characters you can do, @a I think.
  • Then voila, copy you'r spawn code in and now just put a button on the Command Block, or any other Redstone activators, and now you have the mob you wanted to spawn, unless your doing it in daylight and mobs don't spawn there it wont work.
  • That's how you do Command Blocks! I'm still researching it so that's only simple stuff.
So I guess when I finish school this after-noon I'll just randomly generate worlds, take photos, and share them with you guys!

''Briefing over!''
#Stomp out!

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