Thursday, 28 August 2014

Real Photography!

So guys!Today I've done some Photography, I made a collage of photos I took, But it isn't very good.
And mum got me to take these photos to find out about Shadows! But there isn't very much to it though, that's the problem, but I shall inform you people a little about Shadows.

So you see that dark part? That's the shadow obviously, but what makes it? I looked up what makes shadows, and Google said,''Shadows are made by solid objects blocking the sunlight's rays'' Those aren't what it actually said, those are in my own words.

So another thing we call shadows are called ''Umbre's''  and the things that block the suns rays, which make the visible light we see, are called ''Penumbra'' Those shadows in those photos are Umbre's, and the trees are the Penumbras, just to make sure you guys know. Also if you feel cooler in shade, that's because there's no rays shining on you.

Well, guys I don't really know how to wrap this up but, if you want to know more about shadows then here's the link to where I found the stuff out at. It's also a great site to find other things out about too! And it's not all boring teacher explanations, I hope you enjoy!

This is it:

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