Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Minecraft tips

Hey guys! (I really need to change that don't I?)

So you guys are goin' to have a whole load of photo's here in a while..I've missed so many Photoshop's, So I'm gonna do them some time next week, Unless I'm busy, Could be possible. So how many Photoshop's have I missed now? Let me calculate.....Calculating...Calculating...I seriously don't know...I think it's like Eight or somethin'...But I've run out of photos to Photoshop's..

So I've got an app thingy for the photos for Minecraft! Also I've joined a new server for Minecraft too... But it's for educational purposes, I don't even know its IP or its name yet,When mum gets more info she will share it with me and I might share it with you guys...So this app thingy I've got is called Capture it Plus, Its real easy to use, but I'm not explaining it. So that's how I'm going to get the photos! But I'm sure somethings going to be in my way....Some thing always is..Anyway...

So I've started the cottage but kinda Abandoned it I need a,Aaahhhhh..What are those Biomes called? Big trees, Foresty ....Dark trees..I Don't Know,Ill find one,Or go onto Super-Flat setting!I think I'm going to do a cobblestone and wood style one,Maybe Spruce Wood?

Also guys I have some building tips, If your having troubles with space under your stairs you could put down feces under the space..Or you could make a basement and it could be a Wine wrack or something!
I got this idea from mum, This is just to give her credit for thinking up the idea :)

''Need to farm a lot of sand but you don't want to waste your shovel on that? Use torches! Place a torch under the sand and the other sand blocks (on top of it) are destroyed too. Note that this technique also works for gravel.''
This is from Minecraft Wiki.

''Need to know north/south/east/west? Before setting out on a dangerous journey away from home, hit a block from the side. Don't break it; just view what direction the cracks go. There should be one going almost straight up, one to the right, and one going almost straight down. Now point the mouse downwards and do the same. Circle around until the block is in the same orientation as when you hit one from the side. The "up" crack (almost) points north! Follow that row of chunks to go straight north. When you want to return, hit a block under your feet, identify south, and head home.''
This is another Technique from Minecraft Wiki,But I don't know if I would trust this though...

If zombies are always breaking your door,you can put a door down..Get some sand/Gravel and put it on top of the door,So that when the zombie breaks it the sand falls down!Or if you leave a while it will stay up there,I think.You could use this idea for villagers at night too because they're dumb and will open doors.

This is all I have time for guys...BYE!

#Stompy out

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