Tuesday, 26 August 2014


So guys, sorry I haven't done that cottage on MineCraft. But, I get carried with away playing with my friends and talking on Skype. But there is one Guy/Girl that I really don't like, He/She is really mean, Like on a server we play on they poured lava on me, then we went over to another server, and we went to do some Skyblock, so what do they do? They pour lava on me, Again! But, next time I see them, they shall pay, I shall put lava on THEM, Also remember how I said I kept getting raided when I joined factions on servers?  Well those people have made me a Cold-Hearted slayer, I kill everyone in PVP and PVE, If they're equal and All the times I got raided, I put really good work into those factions, Even if they were stingy factions. But now, I betray them, Every faction I join, I end up destroying, Except for ones that have people I know really good in game.I get those people raids, And we DOMINATE.
It's just so fun, Imagining how much stuff the other people got.I get SOOOO happy when I raid someone. It just feels good, They've turned me into a monster. But on other servers that aren't like those ones, I'm nice to everyone! I'm not a Griefer or a Troll on MineCraft, But I'm forced to do it, Anyway, Payback's a total kick in the butox. Anyway enough of that dark stuff, But It really has taken over me.

I'm also going to research that Red spider in the nether in MineCraft.I'm not sure It's real though. I've never seen it in the nether in survival so, yeah, I've been there many times on adventurous adventures, Slaying Ghasts, Blazes, Zombie Pig Men and Wither Skeletons.I'm thinking it might be like a poisonous cave spider, just instead of poison it could be fire, and take fire damage, which is half a heart per second.Also did you guys know that gold things are as weak as wood things?

So guys that's all I have to write about today! Bye!

#Stompy Out

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