Friday, 4 July 2014

Minecraft Update:FNG

Hey guys today its FRIDAY(HARMONIC MUSIC IN BACKGROUND)....and as you see on the title thingy I'm going  to be talking about Minecraft....(Da best game ever...ish)So on Friday's the server I play on(HERES THE LINK AGAIN)---------><----------..SO back to what I was saying mcau(The server)Host's big game nights on FRIDAY,which is today....So  most times I go on the server but I never actually go in the games...But tonight I'm determined to go in and OWN people..I think it starts at:8:00 pm Australian Eastern Time,Or about that time.There are lots of different games and all that stuff....You might actually want to consider staying on it,because its NEVER EVER empty,or you could just chat with staff.And if anyone even still(or started)reading this blog,you might see me on there...My name is (its embarrassing..ish)STOMPYLONGBEAK(there we go)so yeah you might see me on,if you do and see I'm online,just type in /msg stomp (blablablablablabla)I read your blog...OR /tpa stomp,and you might be able to play with a master...ish,ME.And if I'm not on you can do /mail send stomp(blablablablablabla).So, yeah if you connect up you might see me on and get to hang with me and some of my friends!

Server Ip(just in case you didn't see it on the site)<----------- The servers almost always Lag-Free

And if you want to know more details go back to this post I'm just going to copy and paste it :) :D MAHA!(Don't even ask)

Hey guys lately I haven't been active on here,I apologize sincerely.
So I am going to try and write on here at least once a week possibly on Thursdays or Fridays,maybe some book reviews here and there and just things that have been going on in the house.

So this is whats been going on in the house.I've started playing a new game!.I know its not new or anything but I've only started playing it recently it is.....MINECRAFT.Yes I do play on servers,many actually,but here's a link to one of my main ones I play on,Click on the link right here ->
My username is(Stompylongbeak),but I'm usually on MCAU,but might not be sometimes.If you actually do join the server then put you'r name in the comments section below,and if I see you I'll message you or something.And if you really like the server you can donate some money to the server and get awesome stuff!!(Read this if your a Minecraft NERD,You can get things like DIAMOND tools,Exp to enchant your stuff and best of all!!...TELEPORTATION!!!)

I really enjoy this server because the people and admins are very nice,BUT there are some people that will grief your house if its not protected and troll you,This server also has chest protection,so if you do get griefed all you have to do is re-build your house,but i would  grief them back but I'm pretty sure that's not allowed
Ok folks that's all the time I have today, enjoy!!
Remember leave a like and a comment below,Please share this too,much appreciated :> :)

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