Tuesday, 22 July 2014

My top five games(KINDA)

Hey guys!So i was thinking about something to post about,and I came up with...

My Top Five Games

Ok I play many violent games,but there will be ones that aren't that bad..NO EDUCATIONAL games(If that's what they even are,They seem like the devil himself to me...LOLOLOL)

These are very old games too so.....yeah Kinda
I'm just gonna name them and what position except for this one.


2:Minecraft PE:Tablet

3:Half-Life:PlayStation 3
Half-Life is a mixed game of skill and a few puzzles,Guns too.The reason I like this game is because it has a pretty good story and stuff,But you kind of need to play from the start of the series,because your Gordon Freeman and there's aliens you somehow summoned but you wouldn't know how unless you played the first one,I stared from number two.(Sorry I'm just too nerdy with this game..)I've also MASTERED the game like a boss,So when I'm able to play I just Cheat and try to fly around using No-clip and try find secrets.

4:Ratchet and clank,A crack in Time:Playstation 3

5:Uncharted 2,Among Thieves:Playstation 3

6(Maybe I lied a little bit):Heroes Of Order And Chaos:Tablet

I Hope You Enjoyed...Come Back Soon!(Or I'll Pluck You'r Eyes Out) #Gotswag

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