Thursday, 31 July 2014

Sorry again!

Hey guys! Sorry I didn't do those Photoshop's yesterday! I didn't mean not to but I was playing Minecraft a bit after school and got carried away... Crap, I didn't Look how you get the screenshots AGAIN!! *RAGES* ( RAOULAR ) Actually..I might ( NO!Don't think of it Connor, You haven't been doing the Photoshop's and need to you IDIOT )So I haven't actually done any building for you guys, I'm sorry, It's just... I'm a terrible builder, And as I said in my Second last post my beautiful house that was CLAIMED got destroyed somehow, That's why I don't build good stuff on servers,Or I could build them in single player...I'll start building Little things like, lets say...A cottage?Maybe that should be my first challenge!

So here are my Photoshops

So this ones just to admire the water and rock formations,I love the rock stacks,Wonder
 how they form!

This one just a stupid Star Wars Reference(Don't even ask,And I know its wrong you absolute NERD)

This one is my FIRST Photoshop ever
I thought it was good
But its pretty dorky

Make sure to tell me what to Photoshop next and what to build in Minecraft!
Also if you guys are wondering what Site I'm using its called:Picmonkey:Heres Its link:

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