Thursday, 17 July 2014


Hey Guys Today's been awesome 

Finally with enough posting I found someone that actually came over and checked out my blog, and actually COMMENTED and said ''I'm going to feature your blog in Sunday Showcase'' I am SO happy (ROOAURAA RAGING DINOSAUR!*Cough Cough*,Sorry I was so excited just then I just had to get my energy out(I have a problem with roaring all the time,please excuse me)
I've never EVER EVER been in a blog show case before..I'm going to leave a link to Noors blog (The persons exact words up there!) At the bottom of this post...So as I've said in many previous posts I'm going to be posting things up that I've built on Minecraft!Now because I keep going on like this you guys probably think I'm doing this so you come back everyday,but that's not whats holding me up!You see I've been playing Minecraft with my many friends online but I don't actually get time to build something and get some screen shots of it.I have made an amazing house(In my opinion)On a server I play on so I may just show that one to you guys,I don't really take screen shots very much though,I'll have to ask dad where to actually GET the pictures and stuff,It would really help.So enough about Minecraft,I've said before that I want you guys what to decide what I write about because I don't know if I'm just rambling to myself or you guys are actually interested. Ok I think that's all I have to blow off my shoulders right now..BYE! And NO I didn't forget about Noor.

A VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY Special thanks to Noor. :).You don't know how much you've definitely helped me out,Like later time thing...Well whatever thanks for putting me in the list of a blog showcase!:) :) :) :) :0 :) :0

This is her Blog link ------->