Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Sorry people

Hey guys! Umn...Sorry I didn't do my Photoshop Yesterday, But.... I will be doing two today... Later this after noon, In like Three or Four hours, I'm still in school.. I do this for writing Classes.So..Yeah come back then.So I haven't found out how to get the scree shots out of my Pc from Minecraft yet,Any way i built the most beautiful house I've ever made..EVER,So I made it on a faction server,If anyone who reads this knows about Minecraft servers..IT GOT RAIDED,Every single Faction I join it gets raided,AND if its a success I get kicked..But I kinda don't wanna make One on my own...I put SO much work into that house and that's what I get,Treated like dirt and get RAIDED..But I move on and on and on,But I joined a new Faction server though,because the one I was on was laggy.Also,I'm going to go on a new server when I have a chance,Its one of those survival ones with the zombies and stuff,Special zombies,Kinda like the Walking Dead Series server.

Here's the Ip..I haven't tried it out yet though so I don't know if it will lag,Ip:play.minedead.net: Thar ye go,I'm so excited to join it..It's a server that SSundee plays,For his new Walking Dead Series.But I probably won't get to meet him though,Because Youtubers get vanish option so people don't follow them,And probably bring some zombie friends..Also IF You join,You may get to meet me IG (In game,just for noobs*No offence*)Or go to the other server MCAU,Go back some posts and you'll see It's Ip..So I think that this Afternoon when I finish School(I hate that word so much)I'll look up how to get the screen shots out of the folder wherever they go,Mum and dad say I'm a pretty good photographer And I think I've taken some Pretty,Funny and Absolute dumb photos,So be aware...So come along to anyone of those servers because I need some new friends and you could be one of them!(Even one person!)And if you have the Steve skin,I will not play with you,It shows Your:A:Too lazy too even get a skin and:B:Not swaggery enough...*No offence*And if you are Swaggery enough...Welcome to my friends list/Lover garden(If you join on MCAU,Its a place where I put my friends names)

And If you join MCAU do /Msg Stomp Hi,I've read your blog and want to be your friend,Or something along the lines like that(Why do I fantasies people joining a server I play?I don't know,I might be going mental and wanting fans,But I'm not that good enough I guess)

So I think this is all the time I have for today peoples!See ya this afternoon!

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  1. Make sure To come by MCAU or The Walking dead server guys!..Hope to see you's there!