Wednesday, 9 July 2014

New thing AGAIN

Hey guys...I'm going to announce something(Why are you even saying this if no one reads it you idiot) I might be giving up on this blog...If anyone does actually read this blogs please please please please please (x1000000000000000 more times) comment if you do!And if you do actually comment I will do even more things like I'll put things I've built on Minecraft up..or um.....Srew that.Well I'll do more stuff lets just say.MNKAY?MNKAY.

And IF you do read(AGAIN for the like 10th time)Tell me if the things I'm writing about are boring or if you'd like me to post more,BUT I can't always post because I have a life outside of blogging and gaming and boring school and stuff...So yeah be sure to tell me what you want and I'll try and write about that and if you want me to do a shout out or something for a loved one or someone else that reads this blog I can do that :).
As I said before I might post stuff I've made on Minecraft...If you post a building challenge on Minecraft I'll happily try and beat you :)But warning the things I build are not very good,I'm kind of nooby....BUT not that nooby that I make a house out of dirt in a big square shape...I'm basically a Novice,Moderately skilled if I must say.I might even make a server for people that read this blog!(IF ANYONE DOES,That ALWAYS Interrupts me But I'll have to ask mum,But I'm probably not ready for running a server.Or if you already have a Minecraft server leave the Ip in the comments below!(Not THAT ANYONE! READS THIS BLOG ANYMORE)

So that's all I have time for today peeps REMEMBER what I said?Share this blog and tell your friends please,I really need it and would appreciate it and if you don't then....I guess I'll choke a turkey or punch a hole through my monitor...(Yes I would)Ok bye guys!Share leave a comment and I'll see you next time!



  1. I totally read your blog! Don't stop writing it! I'm going to feature your blog in Sunday Showcase.

    1. Thanks! I'll make sure to roll by your blog!And if I didn't follow you,tell me!I'll do it then.And thanks for the Showcase,I've never had my blog in one,SO exciting!Will it be on your blog?Sorry I have no idea :0