Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Walkin' Dead

Hey guys!I'm back again!So I played on that walking dead server and I thought it was pretty cool..There's guns and stuff,Well it's a plugin,I'm not going to explain..So for the guns Its just all the Minecraft tools and stuff,heres a list of the guns,Also You need to be a rank to use better guns,I'll explain that later..

Wooden Hoe:Sniper.
Wooden Shovel:Shotgun.
Wooden Pickaxe:Machine gun.
Wooden Axe:Pistol.
So you start of with a Wooden Axe(Pistol)And some ammo and food,There are kits such as.

  Tank:Effects:Resistance III and Slowness(I don't know how useful it is)
Rougue:Effects:Speed and Jump Boost(I think)
Assassin:Effects:Night Vision(Pretty lame) 
            (These effects are unlimited too,Unless you change your Class)

So as I said up top there are Ranks(AKA levels)
So at level one you get to use Wood tools which are weaker than others,And when you level up you progress in gun ranks here are the ranks.I'm about level Three or Four I think,I don't know.Cant wait till i can check everything out.

1-10:Wooden tools
10-25:Stone tools
                          25-40:Iron tools(I think this is near it,I think 30 is the level for diamond tools)
40+:Diamond tools(YAY!)

So if you are a impatient person I recommend you don't play on this server.
You can be a lone hunter,Or team up with other people and be OP as Horse poop.(I've seen lots of people but haven't teamed with them,only helped them out,People might give you some ammo or something for your help)But Teaming with other people is hard because you cant really type and kill at the same time,So you may have to use Skype(I've never done it so I don't know how well it rolls,I don't really know how to ask mum and dad anyway so...Yeah)

If you are a Minecraft player you may be thinking,''Does this server have PVP Connor?''Well yes it does,But there are people who will just go there and kill you if your scavenging or killing zombies(I think you get really good loot in there from zombies too),It happened to me Yesterday and that's when I joined another server(I eat poo at PVP,Some times I dominate,But that's Rare and I absolutely OWN people,When I'm doing my Rage)So this Review/Thing might make you want to join!Hurry up and join!Also like other Minecraft posts do /Msg stomp (BLABLABLA)
Look Back to the last post for the Ip

Please join guys!I need someone to play with,And the people I try to get on are useless,You guys are the only ones I can Rely On
(I Read Everything Other People Don't)

I Hope You Guys Enjoyed This Review/Ramble Thing!
I'll see ya' all this after noon on there if I can get on maybe!
#Stomp out
*Stomps away*
(Its a great pun right?Yeah I know)
(Just humor me okay?Okay) 

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